• Hight Density Galvanise Thick Tank (Avg. 12 gauge)
  • Thick Tank Gives More Strength
  • PUF Insulation
  • Marine Inside Coating
  • Aluminium embossed side cover
  • G.I. Sheet Stand
  • S.S.Nipples (Thread fitted on coupling)
  • Hot Deep Galvanize Base & Leg
  • World's latest innovated technologies.
  • High temperature.
  • Less scale due to tube big diameter
Parts Features User Benefits
Hot Water Tank Marine Epoxy Coated (whole inner tank) Longer life, Protection against corrosion
Thick High Density Galvanised tank Longer life for any quality of water. Strong welding and
nipple connections.
Side cover Embossed with insulation Weather proof, Can be opened too.
ETC Tubes Triple Layer, Best Vacuum insulation Better water heating, No heat loss.
Insulation PUF Negligble heat loss in winter.
Stand Galvanized Weather proof
Hot Dip GI base and leg Protects against rain water corrosion
Water Connection Nipples SS Material Strong joint, can be opened too.
Thread fitted with welded coupling  
Electric Back Up and Reflector. Optional  
Our Commitment:
  • We may design and install cusomized product
  • Free plumbing guidance for any hot water system
Evacuated Glass Tube Manyfold Solar System
G.I. Stand
3 Layer Tube